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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Start Service


Before starting service we always set up a time to stop by and meet with you and your pets, to get to know each other a bit and fill out some paperwork. Here are some things we will need from you at the consultation:

  • Proof of up to date rabies vaccinations.

  • A copy of your key. (A $10 fee will be charged if you need us to drop off or pick up your key again at a later time. This can be avoided if you drop off/pick up the key from us instead).


Once you have these items, please send us an email (preferred) or phone call explaining the following:

  • The exact dates you need service.

  • The length (20, 40, or 60 minutes) and number of daily visits your pet(s) will require.

  • A 1-2 hour time frame in which you would like us to arrive for our visits.

  • What types of animals you have and how many.

  • If your animals are not friendly with new people or show signs of aggression towards anything specific. 

  • Your address and phone number.

How does pet sitting in your home work?

First, you pick and choose how many visits/walks a day your pets will need and at what times. Next, we will set up a time to meet beforehand to get to know you and your pets and go over some questions on their habits and normal routines. Then, we arrive at your home during the requested times to provide them with love and care while following all their normal daily routines. After each visit we send you an update to let you know that all was well. If you'd like your pets to get a little more attention, we also offer overnight stays in your home with them from 7pm-7am. 

How does pet sitting in our home work?

First, you let us know which of the options you'd like and on what dates so we can be sure we have space available. Next, we set up a time for you to come by to meet us and our dogs to make sure it is a good fit for everyone. At this time we will go over some questions on their habits and normal routines. Then you drop them off to us for your scheduled time (pick-ups are possible as well) and we give them all the love and attention we can fit into a day as well as 3 daily walks and 1 daily trip to the dog park down the street. We also send you daily updates and photos so you can keep in touch with them all their activities while you are away. For this option we do require your dog to be very well socialized and friendly with all other animals. 


Who will be spending time with my animals?

Either me, Briana, or someone from my team of wonderful and caring individuals will be spending time with your animals. I personally cover the Riverpark area, while everyone else covers different areas of Ventura and Oxnard. We generally prefer to keep you working with the same member of our team consistently so that you and your pets are able to build a positive relationship. No matter which member of our team your pets end up with, they will be in safe and loving hands. Refer to the "About Us" page to learn a bit about each of us on the Prancing Paws team.

Additional fees or cancellation policies:

  • Our base rates are for 1 dog households. We charge $2-5 extra each visit for additional dogs of the same household. 

  • We charge $10 extra for each visit on major holidays. 

  • We charge $10 for additional meetings beyond the first free consultation. This includes key drop offs/pick ups. 

  • If a service is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, we must charge 50% of the cost of the scheduled service(s).

  • Invoices that become one month overdue will get a 20% fee added, and an additional 20% added on each month until they are paid.

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