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© 2018 Prancing Paws Dog Walking & Pet Sitting


Prancing Paws is composed of me, Briana, and my excellent team of caring individuals. We consider ourselves to be avid animal lovers who don’t have nearly enough pets of our own! I formed Prancing Paws in 2009 while in the midst of chasing my dream of being in business for myself and pursuing a life filled with furry friends of all sizes. Originally hailing from Minnesota, after completing college I moved to start the business of my dreams in sunny California. 


My love for animals and strong desire to care for them has been lifelong. Growing up with an array of pets of my own, I was never satisfied with what could reasonably fit in the house and always wanted more four legged companions to add to my family. From there, I began caring for the neighborhood pets and continued to pet sit and train animals all the way up through my adult life. 

Years later, my love for animals has only grown stronger as my extended family of pets has gotten larger. Working with all of my wonderful clients and caring for their amazing, friendly pets has been the most fulfilling and rewarding accomplishment of my life and I couldn't be happier to be pursuing the career of my dreams. Thank you all for being so kind and sharing your family with me! As for any future clients, I very much look forward to getting to know and caring for your special friends and adding them to my extended furry family. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.




My name is Mark. I have been a member of the Prancing Paws team since 2015. Growing up our home was always bustling with animals that we considered part of our family. Cinder was our beloved Black Lab who never strayed from our side. You could always find Scuffy the bunny chewing on one of our shoes and Tuffy the tabby never missed a night of sleep at the end of my bed. In addition to the usual cast of characters our house was a temporary home to misplaced, injured, or sick creatures we would find including my favorite, Squiggy the squirrel.



Like Briana, I ventured to Southern California with my animals by my side to pursue a fulfilling career. After graduating from Cal State Northridge with an art/photography degree, I set out and worked for a photography studio for 10 years, until I met Briana, joined the Prancing Paws team, and never looked back. I finally found the fulfilling career had always been looking for. Caring for all of our your wonderful pets has been a privilege. I look forward to the opportunity to develop a bond with your pet, and create a lasting friendship.

Hi, My name’s Chloe, I’m from Santa Monica and have been attending college in Ventura County since 2014. Growing up I’ve always had a soft spot for animals, especially my own and when I had the opportunity to join the Prancing Paws team, it was a no-brainer! My connection with animals has only grown stronger and I enjoy working in a stress free environment where I can devote all my attention towards these loving pets. It’s a pleasure taking care of your beloved animals and making them feel right at home, just as they make me feel!  

I've always had a great love for animals and the outdoors. Growing up on the Olympic Northwest Peninsula of Washington, my family ran a small farm where horses, cows, dogs and sheep were regular chores. I love dogs immensely, and find animals to make some of the best friends! Before leaving high school I volunteered at our local humane society and in college I volunteered at the local zoo. I entered university with a declared major of zoology, and ended up finding my way to Thailand to do volunteer work as a research assistant at a primate sanctuary and an animal safari where hands on work with the animals was all day. After a few months, I moved to California where I have started my certificate in Massage Therapy, and where I was lucky enough to meet Prancing Paws! It's been one of my favorite jobs to get to know so many different families and getting to establish friendships with all their animal friends!


Growing up with a police officer as a father, I've been around dogs my whole life from the K9 German Shepherds to Chihuahuas we rescued from homes where they were mistreated. With a background of working at pet shops for years and now owning a 1 year old Boxer mix, my knowledge of caring for pets is extensive. I am so glad to have found a job where I am now able to work hands on with dogs. I've met and built so many great relationships already and look forward to meeting more of you and your pets!